Stardock Website Review & Ratings + Stardock Coupons
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Stardock Website Review & Ratings + Stardock Coupons

Stardock: Products & Services

Stardock is a website which offers wide variety of software and games. It can provide corporate solutions like the Acoustic Bridge which can send audio files to others, CursorFX to change the typical Windows cursors, Decor8 to personalize the Windows 8 start screen, and many more.  You can also buy their Premium themes for your personal computer. It caters customizable skins for your used operating system.

Enjoy the games which Stardock proudly reproduced worldwide. They offer different game collections such as the Sins of a Solar Empire Collection, Elemental Collection, Galactic Civilizations Collection, and most of all, the All-Time Favorites. You can find all of these by visiting the Stardock’s store.

Stardock: Company Background

Stardock Software is a leading company when it comes to games and utility software. It specialize products fit for Windows operating system.  It makes sure that all of their offered products and services are able to comply on the requirements of Windows, making them a top-notcher in this industry.

The Stardock Company is led by Brad Wardell who is also named as their President and CEO. The company has been in this industry since 1991 making it an old yet, very innovative and competitive player in the software industry. Stardock has its office in the state of Michigan.

Stardock: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Since Stardock is noted as a big player in the computer and technology industry, there are lots of comments towards its products which reflect on how the whole company works for all their customers.

Among their most popular products is the WindowBlinds 7. This is a program which allows the user to change the physical attributes of your operating system. According to an expert review by PC Advisor, this product is worth it to get 4 out of 5 stars as a product. According to it, WindowBlinds 7 will never fail you for customization needs but, the program may require you to buy another program to get its full potential.

Another popular program from Stardock would be the ObjectDock Plus. This is a program which aims to put the Mac OS aura into your Windows machine for a very easy process. CNet gave a promising rate for this program with 5 out of 5 stars. According to the CNet’s expert review, the overall program is very light and easy to install that even a novice will surely master.

Overall, the gained feedbacks of Stardock are promising, not mentioning the overflowing positive comments towards their Fallen Enchantress. It is consistent in receiving positive comments and just recently, Pixel Game posted another one.

Stardock: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Stardock don’t have the BBB rating but, all other computer and technology-related websites have commended Stardock as among the top choices when it comes to software service provider. CNet managed to share that among the products of Stardock, 2 of it made it to the top 10 most bought software making Stardock a credible service provider.

Stardock: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa, the site of Stardock got the promising 11,526th rank globally and 9,221st rank in the US. A lot of websites decided to link in with the Stardock’s official website having 7,672 in total.  The Google PageRank of Stardock is really doing great, with its 5 out of 10 ranking as 10 being the highest. This is probably caused by the popularity of its products that lots of websites managed to naturally include links to its site.

Stardock: Social Media Presence

Stardock has its official Facebook page with 8,501 likes. It has a very approachable Facebook page administrator that he or she replies to the queries of the Facebook users, which highly affected its visibility in this social networking site. Also, Stardock performs well on its official Twitter account with daily updates and news regarding their services.  You may add the official Google+ page of Stardock. There, the same updates are posted as much as on their Facebook and Twitter account.

Stardock: Website Security & Safety

 Stardock allows https connection to its visitors although; you first need to type in the https:// command. For the site towards their store, it is automatically in https mode making purchases within that site secured. Google Safe Browsing tool also confirmed that no harm will be gained by visiting the website of Stardock.

Stardock: Pricing & Packages

All the products of Stardock can be purchased securely from the Stardock’s store. Generally, all of the products are affordable and with competitive rates compared to similar companies. Stardock can offer quality products for as low as $9.99, a fair play towards its customers. Although most of its programs will work better by buying separate software, the price is very affordable.

Stardock: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable to this website.

Stardock: Payment Methods Accepted

If you are going to purchase the product directly from Stardock’s site, you have to sign up an account with them. From there, you can fund your account via credit card and PayPal. Either of the two (2) will do. Although free sign up is offered, funding the account is necessary, to buy any of their products.

Stardock: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

As noted on the Return Policy of Stardock, all the customers should head directly to their support team through From there, the product should be in the buyer’s hand not over 90 days or else, the refund claim will be considered null. Also, they will only provide refund to those who purchased their full-released programs.

Stardock: Product images & screenshots
Stardock Coupons
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